Mohamed Amine Ouni

Mohamed Amine Ouni

Consultant en Entreprenariat et Communication, CEO TrustiT


Is a Tunisian IT engineer, Master Degree and activist in Entrepreneurship and Innovation with main involvement in many projects, startups and international events. Working as North African Business Developer and as HR, Marketing consultant for many companies and startups which gives him an experience and overview about the regional business ecosystem. Sharing his experience and knowledge with many NGO’s and volunteer entities helping them to organize main events in the region and coaching thousands of youth entrepreneurs and kids on starting a business and soft skills. Actually managing a company "Trust Services" specialized on transforming new ideas to startups with main involvement on management, operations and financial options. As first Client, he is taking lead as CEO at TrustiT a new Tunisian repair services digital solution and aiming to go with this project Globally.
Also offering his experience as a trainer and coach for many private and public entities on Entrepreneurship and Innovation skills for students and startup owners. His combined professional and activism profile contribute actively for positive influence on the ground by taking the lead of teams and communities to organize and manage regional events and to take part as keynote speaker and judging panelist of several international competitions and conferences.

Domaines d'expertise

CEO Business & Communication Caoch Serial Volunteer, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Activist

Compensation souhaitée

Gratuitement (Mentoring)